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Hello! I hope you enjoyed my Good Life site. Below is a link to say hello or ask a question. I always like hearing from people who enjoy this funny, charming series.

If you do contact me, please make sure your subject line doesn't look like it might be a spam subject. I accidentally deleted a letter about one of my pages recently because the subject line looked like it might be spam. (Imagine what Margo Ledbetter would think of the rudeness of spam!)

What I know about videos and DVDs for The Good Life is all on the main page.

Do not ask me about advertising on my pages. I do not accept advertising.

Also, you must remove DIE*SPAMMERS before you e-mail the message or it will bounce. We have been forced to do this as an anti-spam measure.

Looking forward to hearing from you!        . . . . . Linda at "Flying Dreams"


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