Series 2 Episodes

Warning! If you have not seen the series, these episode guides will contain spoilers.

1. "Just My Bill" 2. "The Guru of Surbiton" 3. "Mr. Fix-It"
4. "The Day Peace Broke Out" 5. "Mutiny" 6. "Home Sweet Home"
7. "Going to Pot"

1. "Just My Bill" (originally telecast 12/05/75)
       The Goods are counting on profits from surplus vegetable sales to pay their rates, but are rudely surprised to find out local restaurants already have regular suppliers.
  Additional Cast: Michaelangelo Lombardi: Wolfe Morris. Boxall: Frank Gatliff. Mr. Squires: Blake Butler. Flag Seller: Ruth Kettlewell.
  Landmarks/Notes/Observances: Jerry still is using his cane; nice continuity from "Backs to the Wall."
      The Goods are also making elderberry wine as well as their infamous "peapod burgundy."
      The restaurant name, Runcible Spoon, comes from the Edward Lear poem "The Owl and the Pussycat."

2. "The Guru of Surbiton" (originally telecast 12/12/75)
       A young hippie couple, hearing about Tom and Barbara's exploits, come to "learn their wisdom," feeding Tom's vanity, but eventually cramping the couple's lifestyle—especially when they want to form a commune at the Goods'.
  Additional Cast: Guy: Bruce Bould. Ruth: Irene Richard.
  Landmarks/Notes/Observances: The "hippie" plot is a bit dated at this point, but it's fun to see Tom preening over being fussed over.
      The Goods apply for—and get—their allotment in this episode, and also claim Jerry and Margo's.

3. "Mr. Fix-It" (originally telecast 12/19/75)
       When a reporter does a story about Tom and Barbara's lifestyle that may appear in a national newspaper, Jerry comes up with the idea to purvey their fame into barter with local shops: their publicity for needed goods.
  Additional Cast: Reporter: John Quayle. Deliveryman: Steve Emerson.
  Landmarks/Notes/Observances: I believe this is the first episode where we find out "Jerry" stands for "Jeremy."
      We hear about the Music Society's production of The Sound of Music for the first time; Margo is not only playing the lead, but she has plans for the programme book as well.

4. "The Day Peace Broke Out" (originally telecast 01/02/76)
       A passerby keeps stealing Tom's leeks, and when Tom shoots the miscreant with a pellet gun, the man takes the Goods to court.
  Additional Cast: Harry: Brian Grellis. Magistrate: James Cossins.
  Landmarks/Notes/Observances: Personally, I've always thought this episode was unfair; the man was stealing the leeks from the Goods' property and Tom had a perfect right to try to scare him off the property with something as harmless as a pellet gun.

5. "Mutiny" (originally telecast 01/09/76)
       Margo's never minded having dinner parties for Jerry's business contacts—but this time she's about to make her stage debut in a Music Society production of The Sound of Music and refuses. When Jerry tells Sir he can't entertain the guests, he's fired!
  Additional Cast: Sir: Reginald Owen.
  Landmarks/Notes/Observances: Jerry cheats at golf to keep Sir happy.
      We find out Tom still goes golfing, but it seems chiefly to gather the chestnuts and blackberries that grow on the outskirts of the golf course grounds and shoot rabbits.
      Miss Mountshaft practices a great deal of nepotism: her nephew and brother-in-law are in the play as well.
      Personal note: When I taped this originally, all I kept were Margo's Sound of Music parts, as I simply could not bear Jerry making a fool of himself begging for his job back. My husband has the entire episode. Sometimes I'll watch it whole, sometimes not.
       As for Margo's "stage debut," prepare to hold your sides laughing; it's priceless, from Margo's pre-preformance jitters to her last-minute instructions to herself ("Don't trip over the mountains, don't trip over the mountains") to the group's last critique of the performance ("Margo, why did you sing 'Maria' from West Side Story?")—classic stuff!

6. "Home Sweet Home" (originally telecast 02/16/76)
       The Goods consider selling their home in favor of a small holding out in the country—but neither of them wants to leave.
  Additional Cast: Mr. May: Edwin Brown. Mrs. Weaver: Charmian May.
  Landmarks/Notes/Observances: Perky is sent for slaughter in this episode, while Pinky is bred. She has piglets during third series.
      Margo has resigned from the Music Society.
      The house next door, which was for sale in "The Guru of Surbiton" has been sold to the Weavers.

7. "Going to Pot" (originally telecast 01/23/76)
       Tom and Barbara's excursion into evening classes to learn useful trades gleans a surprising result: Tom is a talented potter—and soon his wares are in demand.
  Additional Cast: Mrs. Weaver: Charmian May.
  Landmarks/Notes/Observances: The Goods' cat appears again, referred to as a tomcat, but no name is given.
      Margo has a pottery "studio" put in back of the house even before taking classes; it is there Tom produces his pots.
      Mrs. Weaver paints for a hobby.
      Watch Jerry when Margo is telling about her experiences at evening classes; his attempts not to laugh are hilarious.
      Margo celebrates her birthday in this episode.


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