Series 4 Episodes

Warning! If you have not seen the series, these episode guides will contain spoilers.

1. "Away From It All" 2. "The Green Door" 3. "Our Speaker Today"
4. "The Weaver's Tale" 5. "Suit Yourself" 6. "Sweet and Sour Charity"
7. "Anniversary"

1. "Away From It All" (originally telecast 04/10/77)
       After a poor harvest due to lack of rain, the frustrated Goods are persuaded to take a weekend off at a friends' condo, leaving the Ledbetters to watch the crops and the animals.
  Additional Cast: None.
  Landmarks/Notes/Observances: Much fun watching the Goods act like anxious parents as they leave their animals for the first time.
      The Goods are exposed to Kojak for the first time.

2. "The Green Door" (originally telecast 04/17/77)
       When the Goods solicit manure from the Pony Club, they find out Margo hasn't shown up for her twice weekly hack for weeks—and they suspect she is having an affair.
  Additional Cast: Mrs. Holman: Jane Hilary. Blonde Woman: Toria Fuller.
  Landmarks/Notes/Observances: This is the first episode where we find out Jerry is jostling to take Sir's place.

3. "Our Speaker Today" (originally telecast 04/24/77)
       Barbara becomes so popular as a speaker for the self-sufficent lifestyle that it leaves her no time to practice it.
  Additional Cast: Lady Georgette "George" Truskett: Angela Thorne. Inmate: Robert Lindsay. Conductor: Colin McCormack. Remand Home Supervisor: Con Chambers.
  Landmarks/Notes/Observances: Check out Margo's apology—it's a classic.
      Tom builds a new chicken coop in this episode, evidently replacing the old greenhouse.
      In another classic Good Life scene, Tom chases Lenin the cockerel, who goes "walkabout."
      Angela Thorne later co-starred with Penelope Keith in To the Manor Born.

4. "The Weaver's Tale" (originally telecast 05/01/77)
       Tom, wishing to start weaving the Goods' clothing, buys a loom, counting on Margo's acquisition of a spinning wheel to provide them with thread—but Jerry finally puts his foot down about her spending, at Barbara's instigation.
  Additional Cast: Ernie: Milton Johns.
  Landmarks/Notes/Observances: The Goods' soft fruit gambit evidently "bore fruit," as Tom sells them at a nice profit.
      The Goods acquire their loom in this episode; it figures in the next story.

5. "Suit Yourself" (originally telecast 05/08/77)
       The Goods, working with their new loom and a makeshift spindle, have started producing their own cloth. Meanwhile, Jerry and Margo are invited to a dinner that may spell Jerry's rise to managing director.
  Additional Cast: Sir: Reginald Marsh. Snetterton: Philip Madoc. Donald Dolby: Terence Conoley. Mrs. Dolby: Patricia Driscoll.
  Landmarks/Notes/Observances: We find out Margo plays golf in this episode, in which Tom is discovered foraging nettles on the perimeter of the golf course (they make dye with the nettles).
      Yet another classic scene: Tom and Barbara "teasing the fleece."
      Sir once again calls Tom and Barbara "Tim" (or is it "Ted"?) and "Fatima."

6. "Sweet and Sour Charity" (originally telecast 05/15/77)
       Margo is against the Music Society's production of Sweet Charity because of the heroine's lifestyle; meanwhile Tom has an idea to earn money by selling the oil in Mrs Weaver's heating tank.
  Additional Cast: None.
  Landmarks/Notes/Observances: Mrs. Weaver has moved from "the avenue" to Ischa.

7. "Anniversary" (originally telecast 05/22/77)
       Faced with a partially ruined back garden from Mrs. Weaver's leaking oil tank, the goat going dry, and mice in the supplies, the Goods still celebrate their self-sufficency. Meanwhile, Jerry is appointed managing director of JJM.
  Additional Cast: Sir: Reginald Marsh.
  Landmarks/Notes/Observances: Having struggled with the Goods for 28 episodes watching them survive and finally triumph, the vandalization of their home is a particularly hard blow to the audience as well as the characters. You indeed want to cry when you see what's been done to the living room.


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