Series 3 Episodes

Warning! If you have not seen the series, these episode guides will contain spoilers.

1. "The Early Birds" 2. "The Happy Event" 3. "A Tug of the Forelock"
4. "'I Talk to the Trees'" 5. "The Wind-Break War" 6. "Whose Fleas are These?"
7. "The Last Posh Frock"

1. "The Early Birds" (originally telecast 09/10/76)
       The Goods are already exhausted from their spring planting chores, so they decide to follow Nature's clock in rising and going to sleep, but it's harder than they thought.
  Additional Cast: None.
  Landmarks/Notes/Observances: Pinky is expected to farrow at any time.
      This is the first time we ever see the Goods' bedroom; it looks very homespun. But a question: if it's so cold in the bedroom, why is Barbara wearing short sleeves?

2. "The Happy Event" (originally telecast 09/17/76)
       The Goods and the Ledbetters race against time to save the runt of Pinky's litter. Meanwhile, Barbara tries to solve the Goods' transportation problem by buying a horse.
  Additional Cast: Constable Claude Hillman: George Innes.
  Landmarks/Notes/Observances: There's a funny scene with the Goods' novel method for planting radish seeds that actually seems rather practical.

3. "A Tug of the Forelock" (originally telecast 09/24/76)
       To earn extra money to solve their transportation problem, the Goods hire themselves out as servants to the Leadbetters while their housekeeper and gardener are away.
  Additional Cast: None.
  Landmarks/Notes/Observances: Tom solves the couple's transportation problem by hitching a cart to the rotary cultivator.

4. "'I Talk to the Trees'" (originally telecast 10/01/76)
       After a conversation with an elderly gardener, Tom and Barbara experiment with talking to their plants and playing them music in a effort to make them grow better.
  Additional Cast: Mr. Wakely: Noel Howlett. Madame Chairwoman: Joyce Windsor. Mr. Chipchase: Raymond Mason.
  Landmarks/Notes/Observances: The title is from the song from the musical Paint Your Wagon.
      We see the Goods' allotment for the first time.
      Felicity Kendal sounds as if she had a bad cold while filming this episode.
      While Miss Mountshaft is on holiday in Greece, Margo and some other members of the Music Society stage a "palace coup" and Margo is elected President of the Society.
      Barbara names her bean plant in the experiment "Douglas."
      The record Tom plays for the plants is an old 78 of Peter Dawson singing "The Bandolero," evidently a relic from his childhood.

5. "The Wind-Break War" (originally telecast 10/08/76)
       Margo's new wind-break shades the Goods' all-important soft fruit sale crop, precipitating a quarrel between the neighbors.
  Additional Cast: Mr. Bailey: Timothy Bateson. Wally: Roger Pope. Young Man: Desmond Cullum-Jones.
  Landmarks/Notes/Observances: The "drunk scene" in this episode is absolutely hilarious, especially when Margo reveals her secret about her sense of humor: she has none!
      We also find out that Jerry has always "fancied" Barbara.
      Margo has always been stuffy: at her girls' school she was referred to as "Starchy Sturgis."

6. "Whose Fleas are These?" (originally telecast 10/15/76)
       After an accident with a stovepipe, the Goods discover fleas on their property; they are afraid an infestation will force them to have to give up their animals.
  Additional Cast: Postman: Ray Dunbobbin. P.V. Balstrode: Michael Robbins.
  Landmarks/Notes/Observances: Tom seems to be doing his odd version of "Fantasy Baseball" in the opening of this episode.
      Mrs. Domes-Patterson, wife of the local head of the conservative element, is first mentioned in this episode.
      I've always been puzzled at the Goods' panic at the flea infestation and their having to call in someone from the District Council; I can only assume their animals have to pass some sort of tests to remain in a surburban neighborhood. Or perhaps it stems from old fears from the Plague?

7. "The Last Posh Frock" (originally telecast 10/22/76)
       Feeling dowdy and unfeminine, Barbara is upset when she tears her last dressy frock, so Tom invites her old school friend to dinner to cheer her up—and promptly makes a fool of himself over the woman.
  Additional Cast: Passing Man: Ronald Nunnery. Eileen: Liz Robertson.
  Landmarks/Notes/Observances: Margo's always been nasty about Tom's attitude in previous episodes, but in this one you would have to agree with her: Tom's cavalier attitude is quite annoying here.
      The end of this episode is a bit "Gift of the Magi"-ish.


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